Beautiful Loyalty Programs for Shopify eCommerce and POS Stores

Increase customer spend and retention with a fully
customizable loyalty program.

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Everything you need in a customer loyalty program

  • In-store & online

    Works seamlessly with Shopify eCommerce and POS

  • Easily customizable

    Customize your design, rewards
    and customer emails

  • Fully automated

    Automatically reward activity
    and send customer emails

  • 13 ways to reward

    Reward for purchases, social activity, birthdays and more

  • Works for multi-sites

    Run your loyalty program across
    all your stores

  • Reporting & analytics

    Identify top customers and track program performance

Designed especially for Shopify eCommerce & POS stores

Run a seamless loyalty program in-store and online.

Designed especially for Shopify eCommerce and POS


Make your store’s loyalty program your own. Customize your design, display text, rewards, emails and more.

Create a beautifully branded loyalty program.

customize design Shopify loyaty widget

Create a rewards ladder to encourage customers to spend more.
Add VIP tiers to reward your most loyal customers even more.

customize rewards VIP Shopify loyalty

Easily design and automate customer loyalty emails.

customize customer loyalty emails


Choose up to 13 ways to reward automatically, including:

Encourage customers to shop again in-store and online to earn more points.

reward customer spend Shopify loyalty

Welcome new members and kick start their earning with points for joining.

reward new Shopify accounts loyalty

Grow your following. Incentivize members to follow your store’s social pages and share your store.

reward social follows shares Shopify loyalty

Reward members when their referred friend becomes a customer and makes their first purchase.

reward friend referrals Shopify loyalty

Encourage customers to leave product reviews to help you build trust.

reward product reviews Shopify loyalty

Get to know who your customers are and identify your ideal target market.

reward completed customer profiles Shopify loyalty

Build loyal relationships with your members.
Automate a Happy Birthday reward to delight them on their special day.

reward customers birthday Shopify loyalty


Keep track of your store’s loyalty program progress. Watch your
repeat sales, product reviews, referrals, and your social following grow.

Measure loyalty program results

So easy to use and setting it up was really simple. I love how it brings people back to my store, and I’m so happy I don’t have to keep track of anything manually anymore. I have had messages from other store owners asking how I set up my rewards program. I’ve recommended it to everyone :) THANK YOU!!!

The Wedding Bunch

I’ve been using the app for about a week now, and I am thrilled with it!
It is SO easy to set up.
It has an amazing functionality even at the lower levels.
Support is INCREDIBLE - the staff are so helpful and really know their stuff!
Most importantly… My customers have responded really positively to it, and it has given me a competitive advantage that the others don’t have! :D

Monkeyproof Designs

I am thrilled with my experience so far! I can honestly say they have by far the best customer service I have dealt with in a long time - super fast, friendly and helpful. The program itself was easy to set up and get running, my customers love it and there are no hidden fees, unlike other ones I have tried in the past. I would highly recommend them!

Bettys Consignment

Just have to say I am in love with this loyalty app! I am glad I use this app to help reward my loyal customers while also rewarding new customers. I also want to say thank you for going through my program and checking for mistakes or suggesting things that would make it better! This app is the best! Plus they have amazing customer service!

Pearl Rose Candle Co

For me, easily the best loyalty app. I tried Swell, Sweet tooth, S loyalty, beans and all the others. There was always some problem like poorly made, outdated, or too expensive. Then Collect loyalty came along and ticked all the boxes!
*By far the best looking - very clean and modern feel.
*Integrates well - I've had no problems setting it up and haven't had any complaints from customers.
*Best feature of all - Easily the most affordable out of all the apps
*Plus support has been super quick if I've had any questions. You can also message them straight from the app which is nice and convenient.
Great Work!


I was with sweet tooth (now smile) and I don't regret switching to this ! :-)
It is less expensive, 100% customizable (I can get my whole program in French) your program looks so pro with logo and all.
No need to generate coupon code.
I LOVE YOUR APP thanks so much.


We are loving using this app! We’ve been using it for about a month. The set-up was super easy and it’s been fun customising it to our BT brand. We’ve been trying to grow our social media following and we love that we can gently nudge people to follow us especially on FB and Instagram - every little bit helps! And we are planning to use it on our Shopify POS too when we do our first pop-up stores later this year. Their team has been super helpful when we have any questions.
Highly recommend! ❤


This app is a must have for both Shopify and POS. Customer service is amazing and very reactive.
Many thanks for Brady and his team.


We have tried other apps but this is the one. It is truly beautiful, even the dashboard is a pleasure to look at.
Super easy setup, lots of easy to follow instructions on the help pages plus very helpful blog posts.
Works great, the support is one of the best and you will rarely need it. The team at Collect is awesome.
Try it out - you will be glad you did.


Easy to use and navigate through and the customer service team have been really helpful. This has become an easy way to keep track of my customers and sales all in the one programme and reward them with extra points along the way to encourage them to come back over and over again. Brilliant app.

Scents For Us

Design a loyalty program that works for your store

  • Apparel & footwear
  • Beauty & cosmetics
  • Bike
  • Pet
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Home & garden
  • Hobby, toys & gifts
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Vape & ecig
  • Health & nutrition
  • ..and more

Why we are better than the rest

  • Top rated 24/7 friendly support
  • 5 star Shopify rating
  • Best value loyalty app
  • Better and easier customization

Start creating your loyalty program for free

Choose the plan that’s right for you. Try any paid plan free for 7 days. No hidden costs. Unlimited orders.

Free $0/month Up to 500
active members
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Basic $29/month Up to 2000
active members
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Advanced $99/month Up to 10,000
active members
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Pro $199/month Up to 25,000
active members
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+$49 per 5000 additional members


Customer loyalty widget

Automated customer emails

Tab-less program

Shopify eCommerce integration

Shopify POS integration

Loyalty widget design customization

Display text customization / Translation

Easy-to-use email customization

VIP tiers

HTML email customization

Advanced insights coming soon

Product & collection point blacklisting

Exclude customer groups

Access to custom action API

Phone/Priority support

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Still have questions?

Is there a free plan?

Yes, you’ll start on the Free plan. You can stay on the Free plan until you are ready to add premium
features or your database size reaches 500+ active members. See pricing plans above

What’s counted as an active member for billing purposes?

Unlike other member based subscription apps, you don’t have to pay for idle members who are part of
your database, but aren’t showing you any loyal activity. We think it's unfair to bill you based on the size
of your database that you've worked hard to grow!

Only active members are counted for billing purposes. Active members are those that are showing you loyalty.
An active member is anyone who has received points within the last 12 months.

How am i billed?

You’ll start on the Free plan, and you won’t be billed unless you upgrade to a paid plan. Plus you'll get 7 days to try any paid plan for free to make sure it's right for you. You’ll be billed monthly through your Shopify account, in American Dollars ($USD). If you change plans part-way through the month, Shopify will pro-rata the amount you’re billed. So you only pay for the days of the month that you were on the relative plan. Learn more about Shopify App billing

Can i cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your account at anytime. There's no contracts, no commitments and no cancellation fee.

How much can i customize my loyalty program?

Because we want store owners to make their loyalty program their own, we’ve made easy customization a priority. On the Free plan, you can theme your loyalty widget and emails, choose the ways you want to reward customers, change your points label, create unlimited rewards and choose when to send automated customer emails. Depending on your paid plan, you can easily customize your loyalty widget and emails with our easy-to-use customization tools, design a tiered program, create a tabless program, and even reward custom actions. See pricing plans above for more detail.

I'm thinking of switching loyalty apps. Where do I start?

Switching your loyalty program over to Beautiful Loyalty Programs for Shopify eCommerce and POS Stores is easy. Follow this handy guide to switching from another loyalty program app.

I already have a loyalty program. Is Beautiful Loyalty Programs really a better option?

Beautiful Loyalty Programs has been designed specifically for Shopify stores. So you can be confident that it works
seamlessly in your eCommerce store and on your Shopify POS. Because we want store owners to make
their loyalty program their own, we’ve made easy customization a priority. You don’t need to know how to
code to design a beautifully branded loyalty program and customer emails. When comparing loyalty apps
in Shopify, we think Beautiful Loyalty Programs has the best value-for-money plans, the best customization features, and the best support.

Switching your loyalty program over is easy with this handy guide to switching from another loyalty program app.

I already have a loyalty program. can i transfer my customers and their points over?

Yes, you can transfer your customer database over, along with their points balances. All you need to do
is upload a CSV file. And if you need a hand, we are always happy to help.

Switching your loyalty program over is easy with this handy guide to switching from another loyalty program app.

How does Beautiful Loyalty Programs work together in-store and online?

Now you can deliver a seamless loyalty experience in-store and online. You can enable Beautiful Loyalty Programs
POS so your customers can earn points and rewards in-store, as well as online. Note, if you use a different
POS (like Vend), you may still be able to run a seamless loyalty program, using Collect Loyalty.

Does Beautiful Loyalty Programs work across multiple store sites?

Yes, when you connect your Shopify Point-of-Sale account, all of your store sites will be connected to your
loyalty program. You can run Beautiful Loyalty Programs across all your stores and manage them from your
centralized admin.

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